Tuesday, 31 July 2018


Hey guy's ,
I am back with more learning....... Today we were doing our work an I got up to labels.Mr Margetts told us  why it is important to put labels on equipment For example if new people come then they might not know were to put things...
If you don't know my teacher you can learn a bit more about him so here is a link to our Rooms blog..

Monday, 30 July 2018

Speed Writing!!!!!!!!!

Hey guy's
Welcome back to my blog today I learned about how to speed write in 10 minutes so yeah This is my writing !!!
Blog you later alligator!!!

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Whano whano # game!

Hey guys I'm back, So today I am going to be posting a Maori game it is called whano whano , so yeah I basically put a photo and also instructions so you can maybe play with a partner or your family member's.
Blog you later alligator.!!!!!

Thursday, 5 July 2018

volume and capacity!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guy's,
I know it's the same day ,we did a lot of learning today .But today I will be posting about elixir it is a type of potion you can get from the islands of  smarties so yeah here's  a picture
Blog you tomorrow!!!!!

My Motat matrix!!!!!!!!

Hey guy's ,
I know I just posted at 11:00 pm but isn't it fun to post.
Well anyways I am going to be posting My Motat matrix.
It was really challenging because we learned all these different things and then we went  back to school from our motat trip we did some writing but all of a sudden I had forgot so yeah.

Human Migration!!!!!!!!!

Hey guy's,
 I'm back since today It was the last day of human migration I had decided to post it on my blog .This helps you because let's say for e.g if there was a girl who lived in Zambia and she migrated from that country to another county she might not know how life is there so yeah blog you later!!!!!!