Sunday, 24 June 2018

10 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME !!!!!!!!!

Hi guys I back sorry I have not been posting but yeah um.........
anyways today I will be telling you 10 FUN FACTS ABOUT ME


1.)I love playing netball
2.)I love berry mixed smothie
3.)I love school
4.)I love chromebooks
5.)I love using youtube
6.)I love movies
7.)I like christmas
8.)I love my family
9.)I love cooking
10.)I love church
Blog you later!!!!!!!

My haiku!!!!!!!!

5.)Dogs are beautiful
7.)dogs hear us huffing puffing

5.)dogs chase us people
Hi guys I know I haven't been blogging but don't worry. Anyways I am sharing my learning with you today about my haiku I will tell you what you need to bee doing when you are writing a haiku

  • composed of 3 lines
  • has 17 syllables
  • describes beauty of nature By blog you later !!!!
  • uses the senses